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Lesbian and futa room

The Lesbian and Futa Room is, as you would expect, a room for Lesbian and Futanari characters ( Also see: Gender-Confused. ) to interact with one another on a daily basis, free of the tyranny of the cool kids in OOC Lounge. ( Also see: Heartless. )

Usually, the lower-case spelling of the room changes to confuse the non-believers.
Some previous dreadful examples include "Lesbian/futa room", "lesbians + futas only (No Men)" or "futas and lesbians hot springs."


Typical evening in the Room. Don't forget to bring a towel.


Take the most contrived plot you've ever heard. Multiply it by zero, then add in as many cocks and cliche story lines that you can.

And you have the entire basis of the
Lesbian and Futa Room

*wink wink giggle*

Shinobu-Chan likes huge cocks that would permanently damage the womb and uterus, and possibly kill her in the process. She's not sexually insane she's just kinky like that!

Brooklyn Kingston:
"Adding tits and a vagina doesn't make you more desirable..
You're still a man on the other side of that screen."

By all good reason, people sometimes question why Lesbians choose to frequent the room when half of the inhabitants are packing long sticks of "throbbing" luncheon meat to poke the next vaguely "feminine" hole that walks by.

The inhabitants of the Room choose to ignore this, and they've even been known to call the You're Jealous or You're A Man IRL argument against the naysayers who have otherwise betrayed them. Of course, the denizens of the great city OOC Lounge have years of ammunition stockpiled in terms of You're A Man IRL firepower, and have nothing to fear.

Zachary Blackblood:
"Futas are always trying to get in my pants."

The two turbulent rooms have reached a stalemate in the Flame Wars, the Lesbians and Futanari content to poke one another, and the citizens of the beautiful battleship OOC Lounge to poke fun at them from afar. Though, the troubles of the two conflicting rooms often lead to all-out Raids taking place by horny and enraged males who want to get their rocks off, only to be Cock-Blocked at the post by the impressive might of the Lesbian and futa room Guards. The power of the almighty Ignore Button and the ever-lingering threat of the Ban Hammer are also two good examples of the sheer impressive power of the Lesbian and futa room.

"I don't hate futas, actually."

"I just wish they didn't suck at RP."

The OOC Lounge Spies Incident:

Using the power of the You're A Man IRL to their own advantage, a few well known undersexed members of OOC Lounge, such as The Scout, took it upon themselves to raid the Lesbian and futa room in disguise, sneaking their way past the Guards and enjoying the fruits of their labour by sampling from the basket of Lesbian and Futanari characters on display. Of course, the fascination would be short-lived, as few of them ever recovered from their experiences and still live in fear of eating a banana to this day.

Actual Sign on the Door IRL.

"Futa population has finally exceeded male and female population combined."

:D .... D:
You don't really need a caption, for this one.

Samuel Gregor:
"What they want to do to each other in that room of theirs is entirely their own business but when one of their ugly foot longs stares me in the face when I innocently click on a profile; that's where I draw the line."

:D ... D: ... >:D
Over 9000 Raids - Redux.

Sean Isaac Kashaku
"Yeah but she's supposed to be 'Evil'... And everything evil has to have a dick or something..."

No one ever said that Herms are a bad thing that should be exterminated, hell I like some of them myself. But the Lesbian and Futa room are not herms. They are over-inflated throbbing cocks blasting out one-lining butt-fucks that scar the eye, and destroy what one could call an imagination for something sexual.

Don't click this.
Sometimes the Lesbian and Futa Room Residents enjoy a day of fishing

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